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The PVCM40D-MPTLi solar charge controller is only compatible with the SEDM6-40. The SEDM4-25 and SEDM6-25 will show incorrect information.

The PVCM40D-MPTLi controller is a drop in replacement for the two stage PVCM40D controller.

If you’re ready to update your trailer charge controller to smart 6 stage charging, here is a drop in replacement that keeps the factory look.

The 40 Amp solar charge module with Multi Point Tracking (MPT) controller (PVCM40D-MPTLi) is a rugged inline solar charge controller. It uses Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) to control the solar charge current. The controller delivers the maximum charging rates throughout each of the charging stages and connects between your 12VDC storage batteries. It is Ideal for RV’s, motor homes, trailers, yachts, and off-grid applications such as small cabin sites. The charge controller is now programmed to work with Lithium batteries along with Flooded Lead Acid (wet) batteries, Lifeline AGM batteries, and other brands of AGM batteries.

The PVCM40D-MPTLi is fully encapsulated and can operate in the wide temperature ranges and harsh environments. It is a micro-processer based, solar charge controller with temperature compensation that is used for AGM, LiFePO4 or flooded batteries. It automatically charges your battery to 100% and keeps the battery in float stage. If your battery gets too low, it goes into Automatic Boost Mode keeping your batteries full and extending the life of your batteries

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