Ground Mount Racking

Ground mounting PV arrays is a viable alternative to building mounting, especially when there is no sunlight on a building or the roof is too small or complicated, or the customer just doesn’t want penetrations on his roof. Of course, ground mounted systems are the norm for large, utility scale projects or community solar systems. We carry everything from small residential solutions, to carports, to larger scale commercial types of ground mount arrays.


The IronRidge Ground Mount System combines our XR100 or XR1000 rails with locally-sourced steel pipes or mechanical tubing, to create a cost-effective structure capable of handling any site or terrain challenge. Installation is simple with only a few structural components and no drilling, welding, or heavy machinery required. In addition, the system works with a variety of foundation options, including concrete piers and driven piles. Compatible with soil classes 2-4.

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The SnapNrack Series 200 Ground Mount System is an efficient and visually appealing designed for small to medium size ground mount projects. The system attaches easily to a standard schedule 40 or 80 galvanized 1.5” pipe structure with “Snap-In” bonding pipe clamps and configures easily to a desired tilt (0-45 degrees). Using a standard three to four-module high assembly, the system is flexible while optimizing materials and minimizing the system footprint. SnapNrack Series 200 system has been evaluated by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and listed to UL Standard 2703 for Grounding/Bonding.


Preformed Line Product (DPW)

The POWER PEAK™ mounting system is designed for larger scale ground mount installations that require faster build rates. Optimized to site-specific conditions, POWER PEAK mounting structures assemble over pile driven galvanized “H” beams or C channels. The single row, vertical post design greatly reduces the number of ground penetrations while providing increased ground clearance options.



UNIRAC is North America’s leading manufacturer of solar PV mounting systems, roof attachments, roof flashings, and accessories. With more than 20 years of customer service, UNIRAC has over 5GW of experience and nearly 750,000 installations worth of knowledge; partnering with UNIRAC leverages experience that makes a difference. Unirac’s Ground Fixed Tilt (GFT) is an engineered system of standard, lightweight ground mount components that are in stock and ready to ship from North America’s largest ground mount distribution network. Unirac’s unmatched commercial project support makes construction easy, from permitting through installation, including region-specific engineering. GFT’s refined solution, including a new shared Rail design, delivers enhanced system and labor optimization. Plus, enjoy peace of mind with SOLARMOUNT Mounting Technology and Unirac’s industry-leading 25-year warranty.



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