Tigo Optimizers

Tigo is the worldwide leader in Flex MLPE (Module Level Power Electronics) with innovative solutions that increase energy production, enhance safety, and decrease operating costs of photovoltaic (PV) systems. Tigo’s TS4 platform maximizes the benefit of PV systems and provides customers with the most scalable, versatile, and reliable MLPE solution available. Tigo was founded in Silicon Valley, California in 2007 to accelerate the adoption of solar energy worldwide. The company is still headquartered in Silicon Valley and has offices and installations all over the world. After years of research, development, testing, and certification, Tigo brought the revolutionary TS4 platform to market. The modular TS4 platform can be selectively deployed with different functionalities per module at different price points. This unparalleled flexibility is why the platform is referred to as “Flex MLPE”

Customers can maximize the safety and benefits of their PV systems by using any of the features that Tigo’s Flex MLPE platform enables:
1) Optimization: increase energy yield by reducing the impact of shade and mismatch
2) Monitoring: lower operating expenses with visibility to module-level performance
3) Safety: reduce voltage at the module level when necessary, increasing safety and meeting electrical codes

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